Common Symptoms of Strep Throat & What You Can Do About It

Streptococcal pharyngitis (strep throat), is a bacterial infection of the throat and tonsils caused by a group A streptococcal infection. All age groups can be affected by this bacterium. In fact, 1 in 10 disorders of the throat area is caused by streptococcal bacteria. Throat infection is highly contagious, so it is important that you know the symptoms that indicate you’re suffering from the disease so that you do not infect others. To rule out viral infection or chronic bronchitis, taking a throat culture – also known as a strep test – is necessary. You should see your doctor as soon as possible if you develop any of the following symptoms.

Sore Throat
Sore throat is one of the main symptoms of streptococcus. This can be a mild to a severe symptom. Normally, the sore throat starts about five days after exposure to the bacteria. If you suffer from a sore throat, there are a few things you can do to relieve the discomfort. One option is to use a throat sweetener or cough syrup, both of which can help to soothe and relieve the pain. Honey can also be helpful in this regard. Another option is inhaling steam, which can help reduce the inflammation that causes the pain.

Red Throat
One way you can tell the difference between strep throat and other causes of sore throat is if the throat appears red on inspection. The throat may look red, and it may also have light spots on it. This can also be seen in the tonsils, which may be inflamed and swollen. If you can’t assess this yourself, ask a loved one to check the back of your throat and use a teaspoon to keep your tongue flat and out of the way.

Difficulty Swallowing
If the symptoms of laryngitis are very severe, you may have difficulty swallowing. This is caused by inflammation in the throat and the tonsils, making it difficult to pass things – including food. If swallowing hurts a lot and takes a lot of effort, then streptococcus may be the cause. Try to eat food in small amounts and choose soothing, soft foods like yogurt, fruit smoothies, and soups to make it easier to swallow. Continue reading on the next page and discover more symptoms that indicate you’re suffering from strep throat.