Early Warning Signs That Indicate Alzheimer’s Disease & What You Should Do Next

Troubled Speech and Language
Having trouble with speech and language is called aphasia and is a common sign of Alzheimer’s disease. You might notice joining in on conversations becomes harder and you have trouble finding the right words. It starts small; you do not know a word now and then. People with Alzheimer’s disease often become highly frustrated because of their troubled speech, since they find it harder to express their feelings. In a more progressed stage, you might experience constant trouble in composing sentences.

Weakened Immunity System
People with Alzheimer’s Disease are more likely to catch colds and infections. This is very unfortunate because their immune system is not as strong as it used to be, so these colds and infections are way more dangerous – sometimes even deadly – than they are for ‘healthy’ persons. That is why it is important to protect people with Alzheimer’s Disease from such diseases. Try to encourage your loved one to take his or her flu shot to decrease the chance of getting sick.

Weight Loss
It is often seen that people with Alzheimer’s disease lose a lot of weight. How is this possible? Well, as people with Alzheimer’s disease start wandering around and moving a lot, and forget to eat, they will quickly lose weight. Try to keep an eye on an older person when you see them lose weight quickly and try to find out about their eating habits to support them in this. Maybe start a conversation about getting some help or even moving to a nursing home, so there is always someone to check on him/her. This symptom starts showing in the early stages of the disease, but it tends to get really bad once the disease worsens. Continue reading on the next page and, learn about what you suspect you – or a loved – are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.