Early Warning Signs That Indicate Alzheimer’s Disease & What You Should Do Next

Losing Track
Inability to follow (difficult or different) storylines, having difficulty in following a conversation, or forgetting what he or she is about to say in the middle of the sentence, can be signs of early Alzheimer’s disease. If it only happens occasionally, for example during a boring conversation and eventually losing focus, there is probably no reason to worry. Often you will see that a person has lost interest and will focus on other things, such as another conversation, the kids, or the pet. The worse the disease gets, the worse the symptoms will be until he or she will withdraw completely and does not start a conversation with anyone again.

Forgetting Where You Left Things
It regularly happens that people with early Alzheimer’s disease put things in strange places and do not know where they left them afterward. If you find a scattered cup or the car keys in the fridge instead of in the kitchen cupboard or a table: do not worry. Does it happen more often or with different items? It may be a sign of Alzheimer’s. Also pay attention to whether someone buys things that he or she still had in the house, but had forgotten where they were stored. For example, he or she is convinced that they have run out of biscuits, so they have to buy a new roll. While the biscuits are just stored in the pantry instead of in the biscuit jar.

People with Alzheimer’s disease tend to be socially withdrawn and give up their hobbies and other activities because it is harder for them to understand the world and communication with and between others. Older people can withdraw from some activities for various reasons. Often, “a lack of energy” is the reason. Is there another cause, such as a communication problem or losing track of the conversation? It might be Alzheimer’s disease.