Early Warning Signs That Indicate Alzheimer’s Disease & What You Should Do Next

Getting Lost
Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage also ensures that an affected person can no longer remember how he or she should walk, cycle, or drive to a familiar place. He or she can not remember the way he or she came and how to get back and can therefore get lost. On the other hand: getting lost in a place where you have not been around for centuries or a place that is hard to find, can happen to anyone. Even young people, so make sure you recognize the difference. The big difference is that someone with Alzheimer’s can also get lost on his daily (routine) walk or when he/she walks in the supermarket, even if the person has been buying his groceries there for decades.

Having Difficulty with Finances
People who suffer from an early form of Alzheimer’s disease often forget to check and execute their expenses, taxes, and other financial tasks. So if you visit a loved one and you suspect that he or she suffers from early Alzheimer’s disease, you might want to check that he or she is keeping up with their mail. If not start checking the mail pile for unpaid bills, (first or second) notices, reminders to file tax returns, or maybe even bailiffs letters.

Personality and/or Mood Swings
Someone with early Alzheimer’s disease can become anxious, depressed, paranoid, or even aggressive, even if there are no clear reasons for it. If you notice that your loved one changes mood quickly, then it is time that you pay attention to whether he or she is also suffering from other Alzheimer’s disease signals. The next symptom might be hard to recognize but is important that you do. So continue reading quickly on the next page.