Wd-40 Solves a Common Problem That Has Annoyed People for Years

They say miracle cures don’t exist, but I have found something that comes very close. Chances are you know it: WD-40! You know that blue and yellow canister with the red cap? Officially it is not a remedy, but a spray and it is extremely versatile. You can use it for many things. Curious to know what it is used for? Read on.

1. Vacuum Sucked Glasses
You know: you put two glasses together for less than a minute, you want to take them apart again, they are stuck. Or: you want to take a drinking glass out of the kitchen cabinet, you grab a glass, which is stacked on top of another glass, you get two, because they are vacuumed. In both situations you can of course pull as hard as you like until the glasses come loose, but the chance of damaging them is extremely high and of course you don’t want that. This can be prevented if you have WD-40 at home. What you need to do? Spray a little WD-40 between the vacuumed glasses, wait until the spray has settled between the glasses and then, carefully, pull the glasses apart. Don’t forget to wash the glasses well before drinking from them!

2. Swollen Fingers
Does your wedding ring need to come off and playing with it or pulling hard won’t do the trick? WD-40 is the solution. Spray a little bit between the ring and your finger and before you know, the jewelry is off. Don’t forget to wash your hands after the ring is off! Number 3 is a tip I had never thought of. Have you? You’ll read about it on the next page.