Tools, Tips and Tricks From Our Everyday Products That You Probably Don’t Know!

Have you ever known that pendants, ridges on coins, cups of antennae on old TVs all have something in common? They may seem like everyday household objects, but they contain secrets and tricks you’ve never seen before. These items can help solve a lot of annoying problems in the house when you know how to use them correctly! Your trips to the local do-it-yourself store and supermarket will be drastically reduced when you follow the life-hacks we have for you. Read on to the next page to see some simple tips that will make your life a lot easier.

Fuel gauge arrow

Maybe you’ve already noticed this when you happen to be driving a car. Next to the fuel gauge of just about every car produced from 2010 onwards, you will see an arrow pointing to the right or to the left. This is used to remind the driver which side of the car the fuel cap is on! If you have been using the car for a while, you may not need the reminder. However, it is useful when you are driving a rental car or a brand-new vehicle. If you ask us, it sounds pretty handy, I wish I’d known this before. On the next page you can read what tips and tricks there are with our everyday products.

Holes in the handle of the pot

Unless you are a professional cook, you may not know why many pot and pan handles are equipped with a hole. First, it makes these pieces of utensils easier to hang when not in use. After washing, this is a good way to make sure they dry properly. Chefs would also like to use the same hole to put in a ladle, stirring spoon and other kitchen utensils. This is very handy because it keeps the utensils clean!

Slips of soda cans

If you’ve ever opened a can of soda, you’re already familiar with the tabs that come with the opening. If you’re like most people, you’ll probably find it annoying because it tends to come loose and fall into the can! Apparently, the tab of these cans was designed to become a straw holder. Nowadays it is no longer common to drink from a can with a straw because of the environment of course. That’s why they broadened the opening for drinking a while back to make it a little easier!

Takeaway boxes

We all love takeaway food on days when we’re too tired to cook Probably you’ll eat it right out of the box. The truth is, however, that the pickup boxes are designed flat, because they should be a plate on their own. If the food is still inside, you can pull the sides apart and then lay it flat on the table. If you do this right, you’ll have a perfectly functioning board! There you go.

Holes in pen caps

At a glance, you might think there’s something wrong with the Pen cap because there’s a hole in it. Don’t worry, all this was done by the design. It was placed there in such a way that the air can flow in freely if it is accidentally swallowed by a child or adult. That makes sense, because there are a lot of people who like to put the pen caps in their mouths when they think!

The blue part on an eraser

You probably remember these erasers from your childhood! They still exist! Why are there two different colours? Some said it might help to erase pen ink, but the truth is that this part is meant to be used on thicker and stronger paper. It is meant for artists who use special types of paper instead of notebooks or loose sheets of paper. How cool is it to solve one of the greatest mysteries of your youth?

TicTac Hack

Are you someone who always accidentally throws a lot of Tic Tac in your hand? And put everything but the one you want to eat back in the box? If you are guilty of this, we have great news for you. You may not know, but that notch at the top of your TicTac box is actually targeted; it’s meant to catch a single TicTac when you knock over the opening. This prevents your hand from getting dirty and saves you time cleaning up your unnecessarily spilled product.

Flaps on fruit juice boxes

Do you know why the fruit juice boxes come with heavy top flaps? Just look at this picture to find out why. The angel in the picture has worked out exactly what the big flaps are for. You have to fold them out, so they are easier to hold! Please note that these juices are made for the age of 2 to 10 years. Folding the flaps this way makes it easier for their little hands to hold the box without it slipping. Of course you can also use this trick, no matter how old you are!