Time-Saving Cooking Hacks That Actually Work

Can you identify with any of the following? Hours in the kitchen cooking for your family? Mountains of dishes and pots to wash? Cupboards overflowing with food that needs to be prepared before you can enjoy it? So the question is: How can a busy mom (or dad) find the time to cook real food, nutrient-dense meals? The answer is simple: time-saving cooking and kitchen hacks.


You’ve probably found you need to find the most efficient way to do things and make every minute count! At Daily Catchers we’re all about efficiency. We put tons of shortcuts to work in the kitchen. To help you out, We’ve gathered some of our tried-and-true favorite kitchen hacks to save you TONS of time. Continue reading on the next page were you will find these time-saving cooking hacks that cctually work.

Keep potatoes white
Are you a lover of french fries, hash browns, or mashed potatoes? No matter how you like them, this hack will come in use for you. Place diced or shredded potatoes in a bowl of cold water before cooking. This prevents them from turning into that icky brown color caused by the starch that is released and makes them oxidized. No need to be rushed to cook them right away, the spuds will stay nice and white until you are ready. Continue reading on the next page for more useful cooking and kitchen hacks everyone should know.

Quicken the ripening process
Don’t you hate when you are really craving an avocado but they never seem to ready? Well, don’t fret too much, you can speed up the process of ripening those stubborn avocados by placing them in a paper bag. Sit back and watch magic take its course. When fruit is place in a paper bag, the concentrated ethylene gas helps it get soft and juicy. This trick will also work for most unripened fruit such as bananas and peaches.

Microwavable rice
Believe it or not, you can cook rice without a rice cooker or pot in under 10 minutes by using a microwave. Just place the rice in a microwave-safe container and add enough water so that it touches about an inch above the rice. Then, put the covered rice in the microwave for nine minutes. By the time it is done you should have perfectly cooked, and non-sticky rice.