This pitbull was not allowed to leave the shelter, for perfectly understandable reasons

Not everybody feels the same when it comes to adopting pets. Pets should become members of the family… at least that’s the idea. Quite often pets are abandoned by their owners and taken to the shelter. Sometimes they won’t even take them to the shelter and terrible things will happen to these poor creatures. This pit bull was taken to the shelter because the owners could no longer look after him. When he got there, he could sense what was about to happen and he did something truly heartbreaking.

Man’s best friend
Nancy Klein lives in California and is just crazy about animals. She adores them so much she has volunteered to dedicate her spare time to the Modesto Services Agency, an animal shelter. It was here that Nancy got to know Moses. Her world was turned upside down and she fell in love at first sight.

Meet Moses
Moses is a 4-year old pit bull and very cute. Just look at his face! Isn’t he adorable? Pit bulls are generally considered to be aggressive animals, but in many cases it all depends on the owners really. Because of this stigma, these dogs are often avoided, submerging them into a lonely existence. At the age of four Moses had already been through a lot compared to any other dog of his age, most probably because he is a pit bull. But he would not take no for an answer and his loving heart remained pure. That’s why everybody adores him.

Treating pit bulls unfairly
Pit bulls are not born aggressive, they can become aggressive because they have been maltreated or neglected by the owners. This breed unfortunately has a bad reputation, and are often seen as dangerous and attacking animals who shouldn’t be allowed to interact with people. But anyone who has made the acquaintance of Moses, knows he is a real hero. This wonderful dog is gentle, calm and loving. Even though he has been taken to the shelter not only once, but twice. It is a heart-breaking story.

Irresponsible owners
People often adopt dogs out of pity or without giving serious thought to the amount of responsibility involved. Especially if you are adopting a pit bull from the shelter, you really need to bear in mind this living creature will need love and attention for the rest of his life. Shelters have many pit bulls available but people have to understand adopting a dog is not a temporary thing, in fact you are about to welcome a new member to the family.

Problem dogs
Because of their reputation, only a few pit bulls get to spend their entire life with the same owners. They are adopted and after a while they are taken to the shelter. Pit bulls were once nicknamed the “Nanny dogs” because of their gentle character. Unfortunately they have lost this reputation because of bad owners and misleading, inaccurate articles in the press. Today people consider pit bulls to be dangerous animals that should by no means be allowed to be near kids. Not even a cute puppy like Moses. Would you believe it?

Moses’ first shelter
On 22 January 2017, Moses was taken to the Modesto Stanislaus animal shelter. His family had decided to let go of him and this shelter seemed appropriate. According the shelter, most animals taken to the shelter are pit bulls. And so Moses was yet another victim left behind. The people at this shelter were not surprised. Or perhaps he was not just any other pit bull, perhaps this dog was different?

Finding a forever home
Pitbulls are one of the most common breeds in the world. A study conducted by Save-A-Bull Rescue confirms this breed is also the most euthanised breed. Nancy just could not grasp how anyone was able to abandon such a sweet adorable dog. It turned out Moses was anything but aggressive or dangerous to his owners. In fact, he was the sweetest amicable puppy who was about to be left behind.

Moses is handed over to the shelter
Nancy described this emotional day on her Facebook page. It was a day to remember. A sad day and what made the most impression was Moses’ reaction: it gave her goose bumps. This dog melted her heart. Not only hers, but in fact the heart of everyone watching this dog on Facebook. Moses became a celebrity overnight.

Gentle, but clever too
As mentioned earlier, people are prejudiced when it comes to pit bulls and other Bulldog breeds. But according to Nancy, Moses is anything but aggressive. In fact, he is one of the most obedient dogs she has ever seen. Nancy also noticed Moses is very aware of everything happening around him; he knew exactly what was about to happen. So he stayed anxiously close to his owners, afraid of what was coming.

Nancy’s viewpoint
Nancy shared her emotional message on Facebook. Here you can read a piece of the touching text. “Last night when I was about to leave the shelter, this dog was handed over to us. Being abandoned was not the only sad part of this story, but in fact how the dog responded made me profoundly sad.” Nancy had no idea her confession about Moses’ story would go viral and that both their lives were about to change forever.

Saying goodbye
Nancy posted the departure on Facebook. As the dog exchanged owners, it seemed as if Moses was perfectly aware of what was going on. All he ever wanted was a home. This made Nancy cry. She decided to ask the owners as to why they had decided to give up Moses.

A second lucky chance?
It turned out this was not the first time for Moses. He had been adopted previously from the Stanislaus Shelter. His family at the time loved him. He was a sweet dog, a sensitive dog with a gentle character, never vicious or aggressive. So why on earth did he have to go? Why would anyone give up such a wonderful dog, especially knowing he had been through this experience before.

Family’s decision
The owners took him to the shelter nevertheless. His family was about to move, and sadly dogs were not allowed at the new address. So basically they had no choice; they simply had to take Moses to the shelter. None of the family members or friends were able to take over sweet Moses. So this was the second time he had to go back to the shelter and he was only four, and completely innocent. It was an impressive post Nancy had shared on Facebook.

A devastating moment
The owners could not stay for long. Moses was begging them not to leave him behind. The owners told the staff they simply could not keep him and that there was nobody out there to look after him. It all happened so fast and you could see Moses and the staff at the shelter were struggling with the situation. It was devastating.

He knew what was about to happen
Moses knew what was about to happen. He knew something was wrong the moment he arrived at the shelter. He knew his family was about to leave him. His whole body was sad, he lowered his head, his eyes looked troubled. The picture below speaks volumes and will break your heart…

Moses the heartbreaker
Right then and there, Nancy instinctively grabbed her phone. Moses was begging his owners not to go away. Nancy captured everything and everyone could see his truly sad puppy eyes. Nancy posted the pictures on Facebook to show the world that adopting a dog from the shelter is the best thing one could do. The only thing this sweet pit bull wanted is a family. Nancy had no idea this post was about to turn her life and Moses’ life upside down.

What was he feeling?
Dogs have an emotional side to them. Everybody knows that. Research has revealed that dogs understand perfectly what abandonment is all about. They are very much aware of it. It explains Moses’ reaction at the shelter. Dr. Stanley Coren is a dog expert and has conducted many studies on how dogs experience emotions. In his studies, he explained that dogs definitely have emotions which is what we saw in Moses’ case.

The medical facts
Dr. Coren says that the emotional level of a dog can be compared to how a 30-month toddler feels. They have no understanding of guilt and pride yet, but the basic instincts are in there. It means they realise the good stuff and bad stuff. So Moses could really feel something wasn’t right: he was being abandoned by his family. By being affectionate, not wanting to walk away, he showed them that he loved them, and that he wanted them to stick around.

Desperate for love
Nancy soon noticed that Moses was different than any other dog. He was a conscious dog. He knew what was about to happen. He knew what his family was about to do. He didn’t want them to go. But despite his emotional efforts, he failed. He did not get the response he was hoping for. He was seeking help everywhere, wanting to show everyone that he was a good dog. He started drawing other people’s attention to prove he was fun and kind.

A lapdog
The room was brimming with the staff at the shelter, volunteers and families. Moses walked up to everyone. He ran towards a kid and his mother. He was doing everything he could to make sure this family would take him along. He then walked towards Nancy, who knew immediately this was an adorable dog. Moses jumped up her lap and it was as if he was begging her to take him.

The impact of Facebook
Nancy’s heart broke at the sight of desperate Moses, doing the best he could to find a loving family. She could see how he was trying to avoid being left at the shelter. She knew she had to do something. She even considered adopting him herself. She was hoping Moses’ gentle character would earn him a loving family. And so she posted his picture on Facebook, to help him find a new home.

They left him behind
Of course this story has been viewed on Facebook hundreds of time, with people sharing all kinds of opinions. It was the family’s intention to take Moses to a shelter that would treat him nicely. But nevertheless, people were merciless, saying it was the cruellest thing to do. They believed the family should be punished for this. It simply was not fair to abandon a dog just like that, after adopting him from a shelter to begin with. They feared for Moses’ life.

A dog is a permanent family member
Adopting a pet is a permanent thing, many people agree and thank God for that. Dogs become members of your family. So Moses’ owners should have tried harder to keep him. One person commented as follows: ”Families taking their dogs to the shelter because they are moving into a new house should never be allowed to adopt again.” He said they should have found themselves a home where pets are more than welcome.

A good alternative
Leaving pets behind at the shelter is a terrible experience, after you have promised to look after them and love them. But worse things have happened. True stories include dogs being chained to a tree and abandoned. They are even released into the woods or at dumpsites. In fact, some people have taken their pets’ lives.

He is not the only one
Moses’ story is not a unique story. The only difference is that this story has been documented. Many people know it happens all the time and hundreds of dogs exist all over the world who know perfectly well they are being abandoned. They know this and they are emotional about it. The only thing they want is to be loved.

Unbreakable bond
Even though dogs are unable to experience emotions like we do, they are perfectly capable of expressing themselves like toddlers. If you have been around kids, you will know they can get really emotional. One of the most powerful emotions toddlers are able to express is love. The love of their family. If you feel strongly connected to your toddler, the toddler will be heartbroken if anything bad happens. The same goes for dogs.

A great update
Nancy’s post on Facebook has been shared so many times it has reached a lot of people, and so Moses was able to find a new family in the blink of an eye. Nany has shared a post with the new owners on her Facebook page. Moses was adopted by a loving family with 2 kids. They adore Moses and he is being submerged in love and affection. Unfortunately a happy end cannot be taken for granted. People have to understand the shelter has many sweet and good dogs to offer.

Always keep loving them
Despite Moses’ terrible experiences with his old families, he now has found himself a new welcoming home. Nancy and the volunteers have done a great job by sharing this case on Facebook. Perhaps this should happen more often to give each and every dog a fair chance. Thousands of dogs are out there, waiting for a loving family. But please remember: always keep loving them unconditionally.