This mother is building a house using instructions from YouTube. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the results.

You can find many fantastic things on the internet. A good example of this is a woman who has built a house together with her family. She has done it all completely with the help of instructional videos from Youtube. The result is unbelievable, since she had never built anything before she watched the instructional films.

The mother, having had two failed marriages, was focused on her children. She knew that her children needed a stable place to live, but she did not have a lot of money. That is why she decided to try it herself with the help of do-it-yourself videos she found online. She bought an acre of land just outside a small city in America; land is far more affordable in such places than we can imagine in the Netherlands. Nine months later and having spent $130.000D, this is the result. Do you also think this is a beautiful house and a beautiful action from the mother? Share this with your friends on Facebook!