Reasons Why You Should Stop Wearing Flipflops

When the warm and sunny days come knocking, many people get out their favorite pair of shoes. But if your favorite pair of shoes are flipflops, stop wearing them immediately! There are many reasons why you should stop wearing flipflops.

They can cause bunions
A bunion is a painful bump on the side of your foot which consists of bone and is caused by stretching the ligaments in your foot. Flipflops are one of the biggest culprits for this issue. They create an unnatural flat surface to walk on and this pulls your ligaments and tendons in the wrong direction.

They don’t support the arch of your foot
Flipflops made with a soft foam sole is a breeding ground for fungus, especially if you wear them in water.

They cause blisters
As we all know, blisters can be caused when you wear shoes without socks. They disappear on their own once you get use to your shoes. However, this is different with flipflops. Because flipflops made of plastic cant curve to the shape of your foot like leather or fabric shoes can, they will always scuff the vulnerable skin between your toes. Therefore, they will never stop causing blisters.

It can cause hammertoes
Wearing shoes that don’t have good support, causes a lot of unnecessary troubles. Flipflops curl up your toes and pull on your tendons. After a while this can cause hammertoes.

They are an ideal place for growing fungus
Flipflops made with a soft foam sole is a breeding ground for fungus, especially if you wear them in water.

It’s easy to trip with them
Many middle school and high schools forbid flipflops. This is because it is very easy to trip with flipflops on and twist an ankle.

They slow you down
When you run, or even walk, with flipflops on, you have a slower pace then you normally would have, because it is hard to walk and keep your flipflops on at the same time.

They are damaging to your heels
We all know the flapping sound of flipflops. It is the sound of your sole hitting your heel, and your heel hitting the pavement. Flipflops force you to walk in a way where all your weight falls on your heels. This causes pains to the heels and can lead to calluses and fractures on the skin.

Flipflops belong on the beach. If you are going to walk around the city, sturdy shoes are the only suitable option.