Here’s Why You Should Put Sea Salt in a Sock for Earaches and Other Inflammations

Ear infections are extremely irritating. They can plague a person for days and in children, who are particularly susceptible, an ear infection can even last for weeks! Instead of just walking on with an earache or going to the doctor for, again, a course of antibiotics, you can try this age-old homeopathic self-healing trick. It’s called “the magic salt sock” and all you need is a clean, plain, all-white, cotton sock and about 1½ cups of coarse sea salt. You can, of course, buy a new sock, but if you have a sock lying around in the drawer that fits this description, use it above all.

Here’s What You Need to Do:
Pour the sea salt into the sock and then tie it shut. It is incredibly important that you use exactly these two “ingredients,” as no other version of it will be as effective. In addition, any other version of the trick, will be dangerous, as it may melt or even burn.

There is something in the substances that makes them highly flammable, so be wary and careful and absolutely do not let children perform this trick! In addition, it is also really important that you choose real sea salt and not some other version. This is because of its larger and coarser grains and its ability to retain heat. Ordinary table salt does not work and will just seep out of the sock! Review the rest of the steps on the next page.