Eat a Spoonful of Honey Every Night and See What Might Happen to Your Body

Most of us use honey often when you have a sore throat or when you get sick. It is also often used as a mask to obtain a silky soft skin. What we are not aware of is that honey is considered by scientists to be superfood. As an addition to your daily diet it is delicious and healthy but if you eat one spoonful of honey every night your body will absorb all the good qualities that this superfood has in your body.


A good night’s sleep
Honey contains a nutrient called tryptophan which is a hormone that provides relaxation. As soon as you take a bite of honey, it gives your body a signal that “it’s time to go to bed”. Our body needs amino acids but we only get them from our food and one of these foods is honey. Taking too much sugar before going to bed can keep you awake for a long time.

But if you eat just a little glucose before you get under the wool, it stimulates the brain to stop producing orexin – a neurotransmitter that keeps us alert. So if you put a little honey in your tea before you go to sleep, you have sweet dreams. On the next page you can read which 6 health benefits honey can have for your body.