Easy Hacks to Keep Your Toilet Clean

Cleaning the toilet is obviously not our favorite activity. Nevertheless, it needs to be done, and it is best not to put it off. Did you know that the bathroom is often one of the dirtiest places in our house? Thousands of mold and bacteria in the toilet often can’t be seen with the naked eye. That’s why it’s important to clean the bathroom regularly. Of course, we prefer to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ve made a list of products that can easily help you clean the toilet, and it may sound crazy, but sometimes all it takes is a simple wipe with vinegar or lemon.

Cleaning With Chlorine? Stop it!
Do you use chlorine to clean the toilet? Don’t do it anymore! This isn’t necessary to clean your bathroom. Chlorine doesn’t clean the toilet at all, and also doesn’t help against limescale. Moreover, it’s bad for the environment and can harm your health. Chlorine is not needed in the toilet, but if you do use it: never mix it with other cleaning products. Caustic chlorine gas can be formed, which is highly toxic. Fortunately, there are many other and way less harmful products to use to clean the toilet (bowl).

Just a Wipe With Vinegar
Do you want to descale your toilet? Then put some toilet paper with vinegar in the toilet bowl. Limescale dissolves in acidic liquids like vinegar, which is not done with bleach. Placing the vinegar cloth in the toilet bowl slowly releases the acidic vinegar that eventually dissolves limescale. It is better to use toilet paper and soak it in cleaning vinegar. What you should do? Take some sheets of toilet paper and soak them in the vinegar, put this in the toilet bowl, and leave it here for about 4-5 hours. After this, you can flush the toilet. The best time to use this trick is at night when you sleep and need the toilet the least.

Use That Last Lemon in Your Fruit Basket
Lemons have so many great uses besides making lemonade: one of them is, cleaning the toilet bowl. If your toilet bowl has a nasty scum ring around, all you need is a lemon and some salt to get rid of it. Simply squeeze half a lemon into the bowl, sprinkle in some salt next, and use your toilet brush to give it a good scrub. Lemons help to get rid of stains as well as hard water deposits because of their acidity. And while you’re at it: also clean the toilet tank with some lemon juice, which may help keep stains out of the toilet bowl in the first place.

Check out the next page for more homemade and natural options to clean your toilet, think mouthwash, garlic and baking soda.