Do You Have a Fold in Your Earlobe? If So, Consult Your Doctor Today!

Narrowed or even clogged veins are a big problem and many people walk around with them without knowing it! This problem occurs because excess fat and bad cholesterol start to accumulate on the walls. This causes veins to get smaller and smaller, the blood circulation gets worse, or in severe cases, stops altogether, preventing clean blood with oxygen to flow to some parts of the body. People die from this every day, because they had no idea they were suffering from it….

This is the great danger of clogged veins. Many people who end up in the hospital with a heart attack or infarction had no idea that they were suffering from this until it was too late and a doctor had to intervene. This is because only a small proportion of the symptoms given off by the body can really be said to be due to the veins being blocked and/or constricted. The body gives off an awful lot of symptoms, such as fatigue, dizziness, hair loss and (lower) back pain, but these kinds of general symptoms can have so many causes that you, as a layman, don’t immediately think of cardiovascular disease. So what do you need to look out for, you might ask?

Have you ever thought about what your earlobes look like? Chances are you haven’t and yet you see them, unconsciously, in the mirror several times a day. Women who wear earrings and change pairs every day see them even closer and yet chances are that if we were to ask you now what your earlobes look like, you would not be able to give a good answer. Is that bad then and what does this have to do with heart disease? Your earlobes can alert you to a very serious health problem….This and more very noticeable symptoms for constricted veins, you will find all on next page, so read on quickly!