Dentists: “Do Your Teeth a Favor and Stop Eating These 8 Products”

Question of the day: what was your favorite snack as a child? Was it: a) sour candies, b) chocolates, c) freshly baked cookies or d) apples. Okay, whoever chose “d” as their answer is lying: no child sees Granny Smith apples as a treat! But still: the well-meaning people who offered you healthy treats were trying to save your growing teeth from a future of cavities and plaque. It was all well-meaning…

We all eat something bad from time to time, like candies, sours and ice cream and our teeth have to endure it all. Dentists are fed up and have compiled a list of products that you should not eat if you want to have strong, healthy teeth. Good news: candy is not in this top 8. Believe it or not, there are plenty of other snacks that do your teeth even more damage! Who could have guessed that? Curious which ones they are?

1. Ice Cream
Do you bite or chew on your (water) ice cream? Dentists want you to stop it NOW! It is a bad habit, because it is common knowledge that the enamel gets damaged over time. Your teeth can even crack and believe me: nobody wants that!

2. Pastilles
According to Business Insider, one of the best ways to avoid cavities is to stop eating (throat) pastilles. Sucking on one of those hard candies means that the teeth are exposed to sugars and acids for much longer than if you ate a piece of cake and swallowed it quickly. Pretty logical really! The next page proves that fruit is not always good for you. Read on quickly on the next page!