Cleaning Your Fridge? Quick and Easy With These Handy Tips

Cleaning the refrigerator is not something we do often. This is unfortunate, and you should probably be cleaning your fridge way more often than you do now. We often clean the surfaces that are visibly dirty with a cloth. A very thorough cleaning does not happen often enough, unfortunately. Cleaning your fridge often is very much needed, especially as this is the place where you store your food. With this easy and quick method, you’ll be able to avoid suffering from a food poisoning.

How often do you clean the refrigerator?
It it usual to clean your fridge once every three months. By doing so, you can prevent the accumilation of bacteria and mold, thus reducing the chance of having food poisoning. You might feel like you clean your fridge often, especially when you drop something in it, such as raw meat. You’d immediately find a kitchen rag and wipe it clean. However, a thorough cleaning is often forgotten by one.

Step 1
Take all of your food products out of the fridge. You can take this opportunity to check all the products on their expiry-date. Try to store as many products as possible in a cooler. If the outside temperature is cold, you could also store the products outside, of course.

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