Yellowed Pillows Look As Good As New Thanks to This Nifty Trick

Tell me, how long have you been sleeping on your current pillow(s) and how many times have you washed it in the period? Chances are you’ve never done this or at most 1 time. So by now the pillows will have yellow spots or maybe even yellowed completely. These are signs that it is high time to wash the pillows.

Pillows, like other textiles, need to be washed regularly to remove dust mites, saliva, snot and sweat. In fact, there is a recommendation to wash pillows every 6 months and change them after 2 years. This of course sounds like a lot of work, which may make it seem easier to buy new pillows, but cleaning pillows really isn’t that difficult. In addition, it saves a lot of money and every euro you can save is one!

It’s always nice to lie on a pillow that is so clean and fresh smelling, it looks like you just bought it. However, over time, sweat and other natural oils can get into the pillow, even if you use one or more pillowcases, causing an unpleasant yellow discoloration. Fortunately, we have found a way that makes cleaning pillows a breeze. After reading and applying this tip, we won’t have to deal with that anymore, because before you know it, they’ll be as good as new! You’ll find out on the next page, so read on quickly.