Beauty Products and Tools You Should Never Ever Share

4. Bath sponge
Many beauty professionals and dermatologists recommend throwing away your bath sponge as it is a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria (your hands are much cleaner to use and free of charge!). But if you’re a die-hard fan of bath sponges, make sure they’re yours and yours alone, as sharing them is the easiest way to share both the microscopic germs on your body and those from the shower.

5. Bar Soap
A piece of soap is an easy place to catch the bacteria from every shower. So using someone else’s soap or borrowing your own piece, against your intuition, isn’t exactly hygienic. Sharing is ok if you are a fan of the more hygienic cousin of the bar of soap, the shower gel (as long as it comes in a squeezable container).

6. Towels
We should mention that used towels (or washcloths) should not be shared, for the same reason that bath sponges should not be shared. If you need to borrow a towel from someone you are staying with (or vice versa), do yourself a favour and put it in the wash before and after use. Continue reading on the next page for more beauty products you should never share.