Beauty Products and Tools You Should Never Ever Share

1. Nail Clippers
Since nail clippers make contact with the area under your fingernails and toenails, they are more likely to be exposed to harmful bacteria and fungal spores. If someone does need to borrow your nail clippers, disinfect them with disinfectant alcohol (acetone or nail polish remover also works) and some antibacterial soap before and after your friend uses them. By the way, you should clean the nail clippers anyway after use. This cleaning method also works for other metal care products, such as tweezers and razor blades, which are mentioned below.

2. Tweezers
Tweezers can be full of bacteria and other germs due to their near contact with the skin or other beauty items containing germs, but the real problems occur when tweezers come into contact with an open wound. That sounds rather dramatic, but such a wound can be as trifling as the one created by removing an ingrown hair (don’t do that, there are other, better ways!) or the one you accidentally cause with the tweezers.

3. Razor
Sharing razors is something you really should never do. Razors don’t just cut hair, they also pick up skin cells, bacteria and dirt from the surface of the skin. And that’s at best: most people accidentally cut themselves while shaving, exposing the razor blade to infections or diseases in the blood. Your own razor is dirty enough as it is, there’s no need to borrow it from anyone else (or let them borrow yours). If you need to use someone else’s razor, at least replace the shaving head before and after use. Continue reading on the next page to learn more about beauty products you should never share.