Are Your Shower Doors Covered in Limescale? This Trick Will Get Them Clean in No Time!

There are those cleaning chores around the house that don’t make you happy at all or maybe you don’t think about them at all. One of those chores is cleaning the bathroom and specifically the shower doors and/or walls. Whether you have a glass or plastic shower cabin there will always be water stains on it, which is also known as limescale. Not really fresh, so this definitely needs to be cleaned.

At first it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if you don’t clean the shower stall, both inside and out, it will lose its glass and develop water stains on it. Should you have black or other colored shower walls, you will also quickly see the white calcium deposits on the walls and doors. Of course this needs to be cleaned, but how do you do this without scrubbing your arms off your torso!

A dull shower stall is mainly due to soap residue combined with a thin layer of limescale (from heat and moisture) left on the doors and walls. The longer you don’t keep this clean, the more visible this dullness becomes. Of course you don’t want this, so you need to make sure you are ahead of this by regularly cleaning the shower stall. That sounds like a lot of work. Fortunately, we have found a tip that makes this incredibly simple and the results are visible as quickly as possible. The trick is so simple that from now on, every time you clean your bathroom, you take the shower walls and door with you. In other words: never again a dull and dirty shower cabin. How does it work exactly? You’ll read all about it on the next page, so move along quickly!