9 Uses for Aluminum Foil You May Not Have Thought About Before

2. Clean the sole plate of an iron
Imagine you have an important meeting. You are completely ready, but then notice a small wrinkle in your clothes. It sounds simple: you take off your shirt and iron it. But what if your iron is full of limescale? Then you have a problem. Fortunately, this situation has not occurred yet, and even if it does happen, you can find the solution in your kitchen. Roll some aluminium foil into a ball and rub it over the surface of the iron. The residue from the hot surface will be removed in an instant. It might cause some scratches, but that is a small price to pay for your reputation.

3. Aluminium foil in the washing machine and tumble dryer
Putting aluminium foil in your washing machine or tumble dryer does not cause any damage to the machines. Now you naturally want to know why you should do that. Well, there is a very good reason for that. A ball of aluminium foil ensures that your clothes are no longer static after washing. The foil absorbs the static electricity. Do you want to try this trick with aluminium foil? Then make three hand-sized balls of foil. Put your wet clothes in the tumble dryer, set the machine to the same programme as normal and put the balls in. The balls can be used multiple times so you should not throw them away after every wash. If you have compressed the balls well, you can use them for six months. On the next page you wil find 6 uses for Aluminum foil foil may not have thought about before.