Home Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Every Room With Just Using Soda Crystals

1. Unblock sinks
Drains can quickly become clogged with food residue, product buildup, dirt and grease. The result is that the water does not disappear through the well as quickly, but also unpleasant odours can develop. There are expensive all-purpose cleaners that you can buy in the shop to solve this problem, but you can also use soda crystals. Clogged pipes are always annoying, but crystals can help. It can be used for the sink, drain and shower pit.

When the sink is clogged, put a lot of soda crystals in the drain. Then pour enough boiling water on top of it. If the blockage is very persistent, you can add vinegar after the soda crystals and then the boiling water. Would you rather avoid clogging the drain? Then you could, for example, run some crystals through the drain with boiling water every week or 2 weeks. Continue reading on the next page for more home cleaning tips with soda crystals.