Home Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Every Room With Just Using Soda Crystals

As we become more aware of the harmful ingredients in popular cleaning products, it’s time to look for better alternatives that are just as powerful. You may have been looking for a cheap, sustainable and responsible all-purpose cleaner for some time. Today we’ll show you how to use crystal soda to thoroughly clean your home. But what exactly is crystal soda? Baking soda and soda crystals are often mixed up. Soda crystals, also known as household soda or cleaning soda, is not the same as baking soda.

Although you can clean with both products, soda crystals are not edible! Baking soda is also called sodium hydrogen carbonate. The standard soda -also called soda crystals or household soda- is easy to buy at the drugstore or household shops. The technical term for this product is Sodium carbonate. The main difference between baking soda and soda crystal is that crystal soda is much more aggressive and binding. That is why this product is absolutely not suitable for cooking or baking. So, pay attention to which soda you use. On the next page you will discover 8 home cleaning tips for cleaning every room with just using soda crystals.