4 Things Parents Should Stop Doing Immediately

Every parent want to pass on different values to his or her children. These values tend to depend on the parent’s cultural background or the time in which the child grows up. There are a few things that parents should just leave because they could have negative, or sometimes even dangerous, effects on the development of the children.

Would you like to know what these things are? Keep reading on!

1. Not prioritizing sleep
It often happens that parents don’t think sleep is important. It could be because the parents simply aren’t interested in implementing a standard bedtime for their children or because the children’s planners are way too full.

But this is not smart because children desperately need their sleep! Not enough sleep can negatively affect their behavior. Brain function will start to decrease and kids could start gaining weight over time. Experts recommend at least 8,5 hours of sleep for teens and 11 to 12 hours for children between 5 and 12 years old. It is also a good idea to draw up a daily schedule with your son or daughter, where you incorporate their bedtimes.

2. Eating out a lot
Eating out a lot is bad for your family relationships. Children get easily distracted in restaurants by their surroundings, which causes them to not pay as much attention to their food and what is happening at their table.

There is also a big chance that your child is not getting all the necessary vitamins and will gain weight. Meals at restaurants contain less vitamins and minerals and more calories compared to homemade meals. Don’t have time to cook during weekdays? You can always prepare meals on weekends and freeze them. This way you can still enjoy a delicious and healthy meal.

3. Doing your child’s homework
Parents that do their child’s homework often think the are supporting their children this way. The total opposite is actually true. Children don’t learn anything from you doing their homework for them. Worse even, you are interrupting their personal growth.

Besides, most teachers are smart enough to be able to distinguish between homework made by children and assignments made by parents. And your child will get blamed for that. You will also put your child’s performance and ability into question.

You can of course help your child with their homework! Explain the assignment if they don’t understand it, but be sure to let your child think for themselves as well. This way your child will be challenged and self-esteem will grow when the assignment is finished.

4. Hitting your child
Unfortunately, hitting is still a popular punishment. And on a short-term you will be able to punish bad behavior with it, but spanking or hitting has a long-term negative effect on the development of your child, study has shown. Children that get hit at home have an increased chance to end up in a life of crime or suffer from depression. And you wouldn’t want that on your conscious as a parent.

Is your child doing something their not suppose to? Then there are many other ways to discipline them. Explain to your child why his or her behavior is wrong and unacceptable. Start with a warning and come up with a non-physical punishment if your child repeats their behavior.