10 Warning Signs of Eating Too Much Salt That You Should Never Ignore

It is very tempting to add extra salt to dishes to create more flavor. But you shouldn’t do that, because ingesting too much salt is harmful to our body. Most people eat twice as much salt as recommended by the World Health Organization. By salt we mean sodium chloride. Our body uses sodium to regulate the amount of body fluid and to make the nervous system and muscular system work properly. Eating too many salts can cause high blood pressure and kidney damage. And high blood pressure is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Therefore try to eat as little salt as possible.

Signs of consuming too much salt

1. Getting thirsty
Most people who have a high sodium intake will find that they are thirstier than usual. The body needs the extra fluid to remove the excess amount of sodium and to restore the natural balance. The more salt you use, the thirstier you become until the unnecessary excess salt is removed from your body.

2. More frequent toilet use
If too much salt makes you thirsty, then it is only natural that you would need to use the toilet a lot more often to urinate. Sodium causes your body to retain water, making your kidneys more active. As your kidney function increases, the bladder fills with urine and causes frequent urge to run to the toilet again. Something that is overlooked by many is that your kidneys can become damaged due to this increased function; they can deteriorate faster. If your kidney function is down to 15 percent, you will need a kidney transplant or dialysis to survive. Read on the next page what 8 other warning signs you should not ignore.