Foods You Should Never Store in the Refrigerator

It is true that the refrigerator is the best place to store many foods we buy in the store or on the market, especially when we do not consume this food right away. However, there are certain foods that we should never store in the refrigerator, because they may lose properties such as texture when they are being cooled. This often causes them to spoil faster as well. You probably try to store as much food in the refrigerator as possible, without realizing that this can change the food’s taste and texture.


When storing tomatoes in the refrigerator, they will gradually lose their texture. We will also notice that they will lose their flavor in contrast to tomatoes you just bought. According to the National Institute of Agricultural Research, tomatoes exposed to cold temperatures (such as in the refrigerator) will contain fewer acids and other beneficial properties. Keep them in a dry place at room temperature. On the next page you will discover more foods you should never store in the refrigerator