Advantages of Vinegar That You Cannot Ignore

2. Vinegar replaces bleach
Cleaning with vinegar! Although it is not really a real cleaning product, it can be used for various cleaning tasks in and around the house. It’s cheap, natural, easily available, and safe for pets, people, and the environment. You can clean your toilet or the walls of your shower perfectly with it. Also your microwave or refrigerator! To get everything even cleaner, you can also add a few drops of lemon to your vinegar and you’ll be amazed! What is also often not told is that the acetic acid does its job better against these minerals when it is warm, cleaning goes a lot faster. For example, if you boil a dash of vinegar in water in your kettle, it will decalcify in no time.


3. Vinegar: against warts
There have been no specific studies to confirm that vinegar really works, but we know that the acetic acid in vinegar contains a great antiseptic and fungicide ingredient. Fungicide reduces fungi. So if you regularly soak your feet in cider vinegar and let the acid do its job, you will reduce the fungi and warts on your feet. You’ll find that this will make your feet look great. If you have warts on other body parts, try to dab it regularly with cotton wool and sprinkle vinegar on it so that this spot will also reduce. On the next page you will discover more advantages of vinegar.