Advantages of Vinegar That You Cannot Ignore

Vinegar, a remedy your grandmother uses? Yeah, it is! She’s absolutely right because it works. Vinegar is one of those products that is in almost everyone’s cupboard. But do you even know what you can use it for? I’ve known a lot of applications of it, but the wonderful world of vinegar goes much further than that! Here is a summary of the most convenient, easiest and healthy applications. And super budget friendly, because vinegar is really cheap!


1. Reducing varicose veins
Varicose veins are swollen and dilated veins, which are usually blue or dark purple and mainly occur on legs. If you suffer from varicose veins, you may also show other symptoms such as painful legs, swollen feet and ankles, and muscle cramps in the legs. Do you have a bath? Then this is the ideal solution to take care of your varicose veins. A very simple and inexpensive way to do this is to just put a cup of cider vinegar in your bath water. Just make sure your legs are underwater. This activates your blood circulation, calms the pain that the varicose veins and the heavy feeling that the varicose veins may cause. Continue reading on the next page to discover more useful vinegar tips!

2. Vinegar replaces bleach
Cleaning with vinegar! Although it is not really a real cleaning product, it can be used for various cleaning tasks in and around the house. It’s cheap, natural, easily available, and safe for pets, people, and the environment. You can clean your toilet or the walls of your shower perfectly with it. Also your microwave or refrigerator! To get everything even cleaner, you can also add a few drops of lemon to your vinegar and you’ll be amazed! What is also often not told is that the acetic acid does its job better against these minerals when it is warm, cleaning goes a lot faster. For example, if you boil a dash of vinegar in water in your kettle, it will decalcify in no time.


3. Vinegar: against warts
There have been no specific studies to confirm that vinegar really works, but we know that the acetic acid in vinegar contains a great antiseptic and fungicide ingredient. Fungicide reduces fungi. So if you regularly soak your feet in cider vinegar and let the acid do its job, you will reduce the fungi and warts on your feet. You’ll find that this will make your feet look great. If you have warts on other body parts, try to dab it regularly with cotton wool and sprinkle vinegar on it so that this spot will also reduce. On the next page you will discover more advantages of vinegar.

4. Vinegar: to accelerate our metabolism
A study has shown that the acetic acid in vinegar has the potential to accelerate our metabolism. By adding just two spoonfuls of vinegar to a glass of warm water in the morning, you create the opportunity to lose weight. After a spoonful of vinegar at a carbohydrate-rich breakfast, you would eat 200 to 275 kcal less for the rest of the day. It would also give a stronger sense of satiety. An even more effective result can be achieved by adding a few drops of lemon. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?


5. Vinegar: to lose weight
Vinegar is often mentioned as a remedy for losing weight. This is what scientists from Arizona State University checked for us. Their research has shown that vinegar helps weight loss even in people who are not even on a diet. By taking two tablespoons of cider vinegar at your evening meal every evening, you will lose an average of 1 kg per two weeks, according to their research. This, of course, also involves a healthy lifestyle. On the next page you will discover more advantages of vinegar.

6. Vinegar: as an ally against diabetes
Vinegar lowers blood sugar levels quickly and permanently in healthy adults with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. The American researchers at Arizona State University suspect that acetic acid affects the digestion of carbohydrates and has an ‘anti-glycemic’ effect. Vinegar also improves the fermentation processes in the large intestine. The same research has shown that cider vinegar can contribute to the stabilisation of glucose in the body. In this study, people with no further use of insulin before going to bed have taken 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar. The glucose level had stabilised the next day.


7. Vinegar: to reduce the risk of cancer
Cider vinegar contains polyphenols, which are vegetable substances that have anti-oxidising properties and are known for their preventive effect against cancer. There is a study that shows that the acetic acid in cider vinegar protects against cancer of the intestines and inhibits the growth of a tumor if it is already present. In addition, a healthy lifestyle is of course very important. On the next page you will discover more advantages of vinegar.

8. Vinegar: against cholesterol
Researchers have discovered that cider vinegar can prevent atherosclerosis (the accumulation of fat, cholesterol and other substances in the vessel walls). So it is true that cider vinegar can absorb cholesterol, lipids and bile salts, which reduces the risk of developing heart disease. The fact that apple vinegar lowers cholesterol has not yet been proven in humans, but it has already been proven in rats. However, there are already quite a few cases known where the cholesterol has actually been lowered, and the pattern of living by taking cider vinegar has not changed any further.


9. Vinegar: as a natural exfoliator
Cider vinegar is also often used for skin care. It acts as a natural agent that rebalances and deeply cleanses the pH value of our skin. Thanks to the substances it contains, vinegar helps to remove excess oil from our skin and keep it healthy. Apple vinegar can be used as a tonic for the skin. The acidity of the vinegar ensures a proper acidity of the skin in a natural way. This improves blood circulation, closes the pores and gives you a beautiful smooth and soft skin. Ideal when you are dealing with oily or dry skin. Cider vinegar also works very well against acne (pimples). You can apply apple vinegar pure on the skin, you will probably then experience a slight tingling sensation on the skin caused by the acid in the vinegar. This method is especially recommended when you want to fight acne, you can then apply some cider vinegar locally on the skin. On the next page you will discover more advantages of vinegar.

10. Vinegar: to help digestion
One of the other advantages of cider vinegar is that it contains acids that speed up digestion and help with constipation. Apple vinegar promotes digestion, detoxifies your body and can be a bit laxative at first. The acetic acid in the cider vinegar is responsible for all this. Apple vinegar speeds up the digestion while your appetite decreases. Mixing cider vinegar with some honey in water on a daily basis contributes to a good balance.

How to use vinegar
Nutritionist Julie Daniluk recommends taking a tablespoon of vinegar with each meal. You can dilute this with water or juice to make it easier to drink. Drink unprocessed varieties such as organic apple cider vinegar that are higher in minerals and vitamins and still contain remnants of the yeast mother that is used to distill it. Drinking a tablespoon of vinegar before going to bed can help to regulate blood glucose levels at night. Vinegar supplements are also available in capsule form; ensure that you are taking the correct dosage as instructed on the label. However, it is important to consult your doctor or nutritionist before taking vinegar in any form to treat any type of condition.